Greenwood Grower visits with Martha Stewart

November 3rd, 2010

While reading over some of my fave blogs yesterday, what a surprise it was to see Don Shadow’s name mentioned in Martha Stewart’s Blog. Don sure gets around. If he’s not in the orient collecting seeds or plant clippings from new and unusual species, he’s taking one of his exotic animals (his babies) to their new home and visiting with Martha Stewart all with ease. Don is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge on both plants and animals, some nearing extinction. He, also, works closely with the San Diego Zoo. Don is on 24 hour call when it comes to exotic animals.
Don’s first love is his animals. When we visit him to check out plants for the next season, Don always detours to check out a new member who he is nursing back to health or trying to breed for the zoo or other group. His face just lights up when he talks about his animals.
Here is a link to pictures of Martha’s visit to Don’s farm earlier this year as well as pictures of many of his beautiful exotic animals. Don Shadow Nursery

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