How to Help Plants Cope with Hot Temperatures

June 12th, 2011

Plants become stressed during hot weather, too. Here are tips for limiting their agony:


  • Water in the late evening – after sunset if possible
  • Apply water the base of the plants at the soil level
  • Don’t fertilize when the plants are stressed
  • Shredded bark mulch for woody shrubs and trees will keep them cooler
  • Use aged compost or aged manure mix as mulch for perennials
  • If you can’t water (due to restrictions), get your garden hoe out and turn the soil around the plants.
  • Clip out any dead or broken limbs
  • Deadhead just as quickly as the blooms die so the plant doesn’t have to force energy into it
  • Have a plant that is extremely sensitive to the heat – construct a canopy over the plant with light cloth and stakes to limit the suns rays

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