How to Keep People from Using Your Property as a Shortcut

May 9th, 2011

There are ways to discourage people from using your property as a shortcut. We have listed legal, non-threatening methods you can use to encourage trespassers to detour. When considering fences, be sure to check with your building codes office before making any purchase. Some ares have strict codes on fencing and, some on, plants, too. Be sure to check codes before purchasing anything.

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• Fences, while best, are not always practical either financially or due to building code restrictions
Rosa Rugosa Roses are full, larger growing hedge shrubs with terrible thorns sure to keep out children and adults alike.
Red barberry is a lower growing shrub that produces thorns that will deter people. Russian Olive is another extremely thorny plant, but it may be banned in some areas.
• Lattice panels can be secured upright or long ways to form an open fence-type barrier. Vines can be planted to grow up the panels such as Bignonia Tangerine Beauty or English Ivy.
• Set up motion activated sprinklers.
• Don’t forget the “Private Property – No Trespassing” signs placed in plain sight.

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