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January 24th, 2011

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This week kicks off Greenwood’s Member’s Weekly Specials with our Lavender Book Ahead Sale. Between Friday, January 21st and midnight Thursday, January 27th, book yourlavender plants and SAVE 10% OFF your already low member prices. These are specially priced plants and will not be included on the Members Monthly Value Page.

When I think about my own garden, the first plants that come to mind are always my lavenders. They are planted near the garden gate and follow the walk down to the side porch and are even planted across from it. There is a small sitting area just off the side porch which on warm summer evenings you will find my family and me sitting, talking and enjoying the slight breezes of my lavender plants. These plants are also a delightful hangout for the local bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Word gets around!

This year we offer the English Lavenders, Mustead and Hidcote Blue, which are the lavender varieties used for culinary purposes but are, also, used dried in craft projects. Our French Lavenders are the Grosso and Provence which with their strong fragrant buds are used dried in crafts and distilled for their oil. The most adorable lavender variety is the Spanish Lavender with its bunny ears or pineapple shaped blooms like the Kew Red Lavender.

Special Lavender notes: The Grosso and Hidcote Lavenders are especially good for cooler climates. The Kew Red performs better than other lavender varieties in humid areas.

How to Dry Lavender:

  • Cut flowers in morning – after dew evaporates yet before heat of day
  • (Rubber) band together in bunches of about a dozen or so stems
  • Hang upside down in a warm dimly lit space with adequate ventilation
  • Dry for one to weeks – until stalks are completely dried
  • Once dried – dislodge the buds by rolling them back/forth in a towel or newspaper
  • Store buds in an air tight container

Use your Hidcote and Munstead blooms in late spring and summer dishes. Fresh blooms should be submerged into water for a minute to release any dirt or insects hanging on. Dry the fresh lavender by wrapping them in a towel and lightly squeezing them. Lavender mixes beautifully with herbs such as rosemarythyme and oregano.

Use fresh or dried lavender in the following dishes:

    • Chicken (especially roasted chicken – my favorite!)
    • Tuna or other strong flavored fish
    • Salads (fresh lavender preferably)
    • Stews
    • Custards
    • Sorbets
    • Chocolate
    • Jelly
    • Sweets – cookies and cakes
    • Heavy sauces (usually made with alcohol reductions/heavy creams)
    • Breads
    • Lavender honey – heat clean fresh blooms (no chemicals used) in regular or other flavored honey on low until lightly simmering. Strain flowers or leave in honey. Cool and store.


Remember, this Lavender Book Ahead Special will end midnight Thursday, January 27th. Lavender will begin shipping early to mid March. Book your order now to get your order scheduled.

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Questions? Feel free to drop me an email: Email Questions. As owner of Greenwood Nursery, I have always made myself available to our customer base to help with questions or concerns.  I’m here. Just let me know if you need any help.

Until next time…….Cheryl

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