Our New Proven Winner Plants

January 30th, 2011

Plan your planting schedule with Greenwood‘s weekly spring specialscalendar. Your Greenwood Club Page is the only spot where you will find not only the current Greenwood Gardener’s Club Weekly Specials, but also, the specials we have scheduled for the following weeks.

This week’s special is 20% off our new Proven Winner plants. Click here to go to your Club Weekly Specials Page. This spring we are offering most of our Proven Winnervarieties in the smaller one quart size making them more affordable and much easier to plant. Remember this special begins now and ends midnight next Thursday, February 3rd.

For the past month, it seems we have had snow each week. Here at the nursery, all of us enjoy when customers phone in to place their orders and the first thing we hear when we answer the phone, “Is it snowing there?” Lately, the answer has been mostly YES! It makes for a fun day. Thank you!

Tuesday morning, after yet another snowfall (with accumulation), I went out to my garden to capture a few snow shots of my Contorted Filbert – Henry Lauder’s Walking Stickfor its plant page. That morning I was presented with several inches of snow and fog, but the pics still came out good. This morning I woke up to a little over an inch of snow and sunshine so I took more pictures. I think the tree posed for me. No doubt the Contorted Filbert exhibits a stately appearance in the garden. While it is amazing in summer and fall, it is absolutely gorgeous in winter. You can still see the catkins dangling from the branches. I’ll post a few of my Contorted Hazelnut pics on Facebook this weekend. It really is stunning.


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Until next time…….Cheryl

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