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Must-Do Garden and Yard Reminders for November

November 17th, 2013

Greenwood’s Must-Do Garden and Yard Reminders for November are:

  • Drain and roll up all garden hoses
  • Cover/insulate outside faucets that are not frost proof
  • Clean and store outdoor furniture, summer lights, seasonal fountains and decorations
  • Check oil and gas in mower and other equipment – How To
  • Clean and oil (light coat) garden tools to prevent rust
  • Pull weeds so they don’t go to seed (weed seed can lie in the soil for 3 to 5 years before germinating)
  • Prune Knockout Roses (in northern climates wait for them to drop their leaves – then remove leaves from base and wrap with burlap or place protective cones over)
  • Cut back (or use a weed eater) flowering perennials including butterfly bushes
  • Place a fresh layer of mulch (shredded bark, aged compost or aged manure mix) around tender perennials and shrubs for winter insulation
  • Remove dead annuals

When you’re ready to refresh your garden plants, visit our Online Garden Center for a wide variety of perennials, ground covers, flowering and evergreen plants for your gardening projects.

English: Perennials border in Summer.

English: Perennials border in Summer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Best Winter Gardening Tips to Get a Start on Spring and Summer Yard Care

January 15th, 2012

Apply these best winter gardening tips and you will get a head start on your spring and summer yard care. There are moments when you look outside during winter and wish desperately for the warmth of summer. Don’t fret. Make winter the season of preparing for a long relaxing summer.

These winter gardening chores are the first steps to making a relaxing summer possible is to prepare your garden and what better time than mid to late winter.

  • Turn the shrubbery and tree lines into something of beauty with light pruning
  • Mulch your perennials and win the fight against weeds before they have the chance to infiltrate
  • Sketch your new garden ideas for the landscape and start building.
evergreen perennials in a shade garden under w...

Image via Wikipedia

It sounds easy when you really think about it, and it is. Gardening can be very time consuming in the spring and summer and most everyone wants to enjoy the beautiful warm weather doing other activities not worry about the landscape.  A little planning ahead and a few days of clean up work and prepping can make gardening and yard care so much easier for the growing season.

A few planning tips for your garden can be as simple as:

  • Building a raised bed for annuals or vegetable planting.
  • Drawing out a new plan for plant placement.
  • Jotting down ideas for new plants to add in.
  • Start your own compost.
  • Protect animal attracting plants with wire cages.
  • Wrap thin bark trees that are susceptible to cold weather damage.

After making your garden plans, start doing a few things that will help will upkeep that would otherwise be difficult in the spring and summer.

After you have protected delicate plants for the worse part of winter and the early spring temperature fluctuations and, then have a plan for your garden design, it’s time to put everything into action. This will definitely be an achievement you will certainly be proud of and, when spring hits, you can relax knowing that your garden is in great shape.

Visit us at Greenwood Nursery Online Nursery and Garden Center for a great selection of flowering shrubs, nut trees, evergreen ground covers and more!

We’d love to hear from you about how you prepare your yard and garden for late winter weather. Leave us a comment or email us.

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Spring Garden Maintenance to Start Your Garden Growing

December 31st, 2011

A garden bed before spring cleanup

Image via Wikipedia

Follow these easy spring garden maintenance tips and you will be enjoying your yard. Even after one weekend of spring garden cleaning you can have leaves raked, trees and shrubs pruned and ground ready for planting new plants. A little spring garden maintenance means less yard work in summer.

Arm yourself with a rake, weed eater or heavy shears, a tool belt, apron with pockets, basket, or pail, filled with clippers, gardening scissors, gardening gloves, old cloths, trash bags and, if available, a small garden saw. Start on one side of your property or garden and work across the yard and then clockwise around your house and other out buildings beginning with the front/main entrance. The point is to be able to go over all areas of your landscape so that you don’t miss plants.

Always begin an area by tackling the larger growing plants, whether trees or shrubs. First cut or saw out all branches that are dead, broken, touching or crossing. Then, if necessary, trim for shape. From the larger trees and shrubs, move onto smaller growing plants, such as ornamental grasses (which you will be cutting to the ground with either the weed eater or heavy shears), roses, evergreen herbs, perennials, ground covers, etc. Remember, if you haven’t pulled out the annuals that were planted last year, it is time to remove them now.

Once all plants have been pruned, shaped and otherwise cleaned up in an area, rake the clippings into the trash bag and move onto the next. By cleaning up an area completely, if you have to stop that day before finishing, you can begin with a new area the next time and you don’t have to back track. I find it easier to make sandwiches the night before to lunch on so I don’t have to completely stop my gardening. This way I am only taking a break and don’t lose focus on what I’m doing.

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Ways to Reduce Garden Watering

August 26th, 2011

A garden hose pistol

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Tips to reduce watering:

  • Mulch around plants with shredded bark mulch, aged compost mix or aged manure mix
  • If you can’t mulch large areas, spread a good layer of straw (not hay)
  • Hoeing the ground around the plants brings moisture closer to the surface for the plants
  • Plant perennials close together to shade the ground
  • Use soaker hoses where needed instead of overhead watering
  • When watering with a garden hose, water on the ground around the base of the plant and not the leaves on the plant
  • Do any watering late evening or early morning
  • Hold off any fertilize applications until the weather is cooler or it rains as plants will be less stressed

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Tips for the Perfect Fall Garden Party

September 21st, 2010

Fall has to be the most perfect time for an outdoor get together. Invite a few friends over and celebrate. Just like when you entertain indoors, entertaining outdoors requires some sprucing up as well. Take an objective walk through your garden area and decide where you want everyone to gather.

Pick a focal point as your backdrop and you’re ready to begin.

  • Pull out the tallest or widest spreading weeds
  • Clip out dead branches (be sure to save any larger dead shrub or tree branches and “plant” them in a bucket with sand or gravel, spray paint it and add fun lights – voila! a decoration)
  • Remove any dead plants
  • Prune and dead head those plants with spent blooms
  • Add a few well placed splashes of color (such as newly planted containers, mums that you just found at the farmer’s market or sunflowers in tall containers or baskets will make a huge difference and they can cover up any imperfections)
  • If you can’t find fresh cut sunflowers, pick up some silk ones from your local craft store. They work great in a pinch. The newer silk ones look amazingly real now and it’s the color and atmosphere that you’re going for anyway
  • Remember, after the sun sets, add some candlelight and the atmosphere becomes magical
  • Sweep or hose off any stone, wood or concrete walkways, patios or decks the day of the gathering
  • Put down a new layer of mulch, or if you haven’t the time pick up a large bag of aged compost from the hardware store a day or two before the event and put a scoop of it here and there in spaces where the ground is visible. This limited effort will still give your garden a fresh, well kept appearance and really makes the plants pop.

A folding table or two will be perfect. No tablecloth? Use an old sheet or burlap and tie off the corners at the table legs or use hair bands to secure it by bunching the fabric immediately underneath the table at the corners and tying it off with the band. Quilts work nicely too and have better weight. Some potted herbs on the table make for interesting and wonderfully fragrant mini-centerpiece.

What to serve. Keep it simple and quick. Fall is a great time for singe pot dishes such as chili, hardy soups, coq au vin, lasagne or beef daube. Most of these dishes are perfect for the slow cooker, leaving you more time for other projects or just looking good. A few garnishes, bakery bread, bowls and spoons will allow the guests to help themselves. And, what better way to end a hardy fall meal than with brownies, apple pie, pumpkin rolls or spice cake? And though, it’s optional, a good (not necessarily expensive) red wine. Yummmmmm……

Here are a few suggestions for bringing to life some of those empty flower pots. All you need to do is select one plant from the first group, one to two plants from the second group and one to two from the third group. Do be mindful of your selected colors when pairing though. Try to select plants with contrasting colors and textures for best results.

Group 1 (Spotlight Plant):

Group 2 (Filler Plants):

  • Hellebore Ivory Prince
  • Heuchera Plum Pudding
  • Heuchera Mystic Angel
  • Autumn Brilliance Fern
  • Japanese Painted Fern
  • Sungold Cypress
  • Dianthus
  • Liriope
  • Ogon Grass


Group 3 (Draping Groundcover):

Especially in Group 1, these suggestions are based on younger plants. After a couple of years in the container, they will be ready to be transplanted into a permanent location.

Add twinkle lights to trees, fence or frame. The clear ones with a golden tint are almost like candlelight and a few well placed candles are a great touch. Put some tiny gravel or sand in the bottom of old glass jars and then steady some chunky candles in them. If becomes a little breezy, they won’t blow out. The jars make excellent hurricanes and can safely double as walkway lights.

I hope this gives you a few ideas on making your garden and fall evening a special one. Why not share your favorite fall entertaining tips and ideas? I look forward to hearing from you.

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