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Our Favorite Drought Tolerant Plants

April 13th, 2012

Greenwood’s Favorite 8 Drought Tolerant Plants

Xeric Garden

Xeric Garden (Photo credit: edgeplot)

  1. Strawberry Seduction Yarrow
  2. Barbeque Rosemary
  3. Provence Lavender
  4. Golden Japanese Ogon Sedum
  5. Juniper Skyrocket
  6. Sedum Autumn Fire
  7. Rosa Rugosa Red
  8. Dragon’s Blood Red Sedum

Plants that are drought tolerant still require regular supplemental watering to fully establish a strong root system. Once established, they can grow and flourish with little additional water. Mulching is always recommended around the base of these plants to keep them cool in the heat of summer and to build the nutritional value of the soil. Check out other pages for more plants that are drought tolerant or good for xeriscapes.


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Ground Cover Plants and More as Lawn Substitutes

July 14th, 2011

Front yard flowers

Image by nouveaustar via Flickr

This is the time of year, most of us become disillusioned with our lawns. Water, aerate, water, reseed, water, fertilize, then repeat and that doesn’t include the mowing. It’s a never ending cycle. Customers send emails wanting to know how they can forget the grass and have something that is just not as time consuming.

Well…there are lawn options and planning is a must or you will be the neighborhood poster yard for weeds. Ground cover plants, ornamental grasses and perennials are popular, but we have more ideas.

Here are a few ideas for lawn substitutes:

  • Cutting flower garden
  • Artificial grass (don’t laugh, it is being used quite often)
  • Spreading perennials
  • Clover
  • Landscape Pavers
  • Heavily chipped mulch
  • Pea gravel

Here are more ideas with pictures should you decide to go lawnless in the future. Lawn SubstitutesMore Lawn SubstitutesEven More Lawn Substitutes.

Check out Ground Cover Plants at Greenwood Nursery.

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