Top 8 Trees For Best Fall Color

September 22nd, 2010

After a long hot summer, it all begins to change. September reveals cooler weather. The air develops a crisp note. Leaves on the trees are just starting with their hibernation process, which will leave us with their magnificent fall foliage.

Here are my picks for the top 8 trees for the best fall color:

Kousa Dogwood
• Sugar Maple
Tulip Poplar
Japanese Red Maple
Pin Oak
Red Maple


Planting one or more of these trees in your landscape will provide you with great splashes of fall color.

The leaves on the Kousa Dogwood change from a glossy green to a purple/red shade. With its more compact growth, it is an easy tree to add to any garden or landscape.

When we think of fall foliage, many of us think of the orange and golden colors of New England. This is mainly due to the amount of maple trees in that region especially the Sugar Maple. Another U.S. native tree with gorgeous red to orange fall color is the Sourwood.

Need to add some yellow into your fall landscape? A poplar or birch will be the perfect addition.

For foliage in variations of red, plant Japanese red maples, scarlet red maples or a pin oak for the deepest red fall leaf color.

Share your favorite plants for fall color with your comments then visit Greenwood Nursery to purchase your fall color trees.

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