Wildlife in the Winter Landscape

January 18th, 2011

With the heavy blanket of snow and ice that hit much of the Eastern U.S. this past week, as we dig out we are finding that our wildlife and feathered friends have little food. Incorporate a tree or few shrubs into your landscape that will provide food for the critters that live in and around your garden and landscape. You know the guys: squirrels, birds, maybe even raccoons or the neighbors cat.

During spring and summer, those pesky critters drive us crazy damaging everything, but come winter and the barren wasteland that they probably see as their world, we should have compassion and feed those little guys.

If you’re at a loss of which plants will not only produce food for wildlife, but will blend in with your winter landscape theme, here are some ideas:

Many of the varieties in the list produce berries that remain on the plants throughout the winter months. Roses have rose hips for critters while the plumes on ornamental grassesproduce seeds for birds that stay local over winter.

Planting just a few of these plants will help to feed your local wildlife for winter seasons to come. Also, consider adding a few evergreen shrubs for the animals to seek protection, such as Emerald Green ArborvitaeNandina FirepowerSungold Cypress, and boxwoods.

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